For the past forty years, the Johnston family of Arcola, Saskatchewan, Canada, have been breeding, refining, and marketing the draft-cross Thoroughbred sport horse for many different disciplines across North America.


Currently we have half and three-quarter Thoroughbred-cross draft weanlings up to 4-year-olds under saddle. The older horses are a larger investment for the horse owner, however, much of the guess work of size, conformation, build and soundness has already been completed for the new owner.


We have between 30 and 40 three- and four-year-old horses arriving to new homes every year as well as numerous young horses.


These draft crosses are excellent for not only the hunt field and dressage but also show jumping, carriage and combined driving. They also make an excellent companion as a trail horse.


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We breed mainly Percheron or Percheron x TB (Thoroughbred) mares with a well-suited Thoroughbred stallion.

We also have a few Hungerian x TB, Quarter horse x Draft x TB, and some Belgian x TB mares that we breed to a Thoroughbred stallion. The offspring mature from about 15.3 hh to about 17+ hh.